How to Purchase

How To Purchase

In order to purchase from the website please follow this guide. The website uses Paypal for payments but there is also the option to pay by Credit Card.

During the process you will register on my website. I do not share details with anyone.

To purchase from a Mobile Phone - 

Select your image and then select "£"

Screenshot 20200123 004456 Chrome

You will then be presented with a choice of products. Once you have found the one that you wish to purchase select "Add to Cart".

Screenshot 20200123 004646 Chrome

Now, select "Checkout" and you will be prompted to either Log In to the site or Register. 

Screenshot 20200123 004729 Chrome
Screenshot 20200123 004745 Chrome

Once you have logged in/registered select "Secure Credit Card payment with Paypal". 

Do this even if you wish to pay with or without Paypal.

Screenshot 20200123 005134 Chrome

You will now be presented with the Paypal log in page where you can either log in and pay with your Paypal or you can pay with your card by selecting "Pay by Debit or Credit Card"

Screenshot 20200123 005158 Chrome

And that should be it. If you have any difficulty then just get in touch.

The process is pretty much the same on a Desktop PC. Instead of "£" you will find "Buy Print" to the bottom right of your chosen image.

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