How to purchase

To order a print/canvas just follow these steps.

Also, if you want to pay by card instead of paypal then I will include instructions as well.


How to order

1. Select the image you want to buy. 

2. Select "Buy" from the top right. OR, if you are on a mobile, select the image and click on the 3 small horizontal lines.

3. Select "Buy Print" or "Buy Canvas" or whichever product you want.

4. Select the size and "Add to cart"

5. "View cart"

6. In order to pay you will need to register with my website. Its free and I wont keep sending you emails (just the odd discount code).

7. On the checkout page select "Secure Credit Card Payment by Paypal". NOTE- Do this even if you dont have paypal as there is an option to just use your card.

8. On the next page either log in to your Paypal and pay or, if you dont have Paypal, select "Check out as a Guest" and follow the steps to pay with your card.


Any problems just let me know.


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